Redefining Managed Accounts

Guardian is a unique company created with the sole intention of filling a gaping void in the Forex industry, by doing something totally different; focusing entirely on long-term success and true transparency

Guardian Inc. offers a manage Forex fund designed to help both institutional investors and retail investors looking for high-return, low-risk investments. Whether you’re a conservative or aggressive investor, we have the perfect fund for you.

The Guardian team has combined experience of over 50+ years designing profitable Forex trading methods, which have been used to successfully manage millions of dollars over the last eight years.


Trading Objectives

Our primary objective is to preserve capital and achieve long-term capital growth, while minimizing the frequency of losses under hostile market conditions.

We utilize systematic trading models, which has the advantage of imposing discipline, avoiding emotionally induced errors, and making explicit the expected return and risk.

As a Forex managed account provider, we trade the currency markets on behalf of our clients. This is done under a transparent, safe, and secure business model. We never handle client funds at any point and instead, the client retains complete control of their funds in an account in their own name.

All of our trading results have been audited by a third party to maintain the highest levels of transparency. This assures the performance results for each of our funds are real and verified.

Integrity And Character First

Our team comes from a very diverse background. We have a code of conduct in which we always promise to uphold.  Our values ultimately help us to develop quality relationships with the appropriate clients, and protect and enhance our reputation.

The best way to build trust is through uncompromising professional and ethical conduct. It is our responsibility, as an organization and as individuals, to see to it that we never waiver from that which instills loyalty, strengthens bonds and leads to respect.

We want our clients to count on us, and we know they will if we honor our commitments, deliver what is promised, keep strong lines of communication open, and above all else, provide superior products.

We will stop at nothing to ensure our products and services are nothing short of first-class.

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