When you invest with Guardian Inc., you’re getting the best of automated trading, experienced oversight, and asset diversification

The Guardian fund utilizes what is known as grey box trading. Grey boxes employ algorithms which support or require human interaction, and allow the user to set parameters, as well as monitor and change them.

Rather than having your money controlled 100% by a computer, there is a human element to it. In this case, there is an extremely experienced fund manager with over a decade of experience under this belt at the helm.

This provides a non-emotional approach to trading, while ensuring there is a human component. We believe this provides the best balance of discipline and discretion.


Experience aggressive growth while preserving capital and reducing risk. The Guardian fund has averaged as much as 30% annually per currency pair traded.

We seek to provide an aggressive growth curve while preserving capital and reducing risk. Trade basket risk is limited to between 3% and 5% per basket greatly reducing the overall potential for fund drawdown. Average return varies from currency pair to currency pair but historically our Growth fund has averaged up to 30% annually per currency pair traded.

Diversification within the fund is key and focusing on non-correlated currency pairs further reduces market exposure and overall trade risk.

At any time, the fund may trade up to 12 currencies pairs. The more pairs traded the less risk is taken on any single pair. The number of pairs traded will change at the manager’s discretion and will be shaped by the current fundamental environment.

Your fund is managed by a company with its own capital at stake

Traditionally management companies focus on client funds only and avoid putting their own money at risk. At Guardian, we take a different approach. We have the utmost confidence in our trading algorithms and want to enjoy the same returns on our corporate capitol as you get to enjoy.

We believe that in addition to having a performance-based fee structure (which rewards us only when we make you money), we should also have a personal stake in the success of our fund. This way, we profit together and you can be sure that we are always working with your best interests in mind.

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Get Started With Just 4 Simple Steps

If you’re ready to get started with Guardian Inc, the process is simple. There is no fixed term. There are no entry/exit fees. We primarily charge on profits generated. Got questions? Our account managers are on standby to walk you through any part of the process.


Complete and submit our easy, step-by-step application form.

Transfer Funds

Once your application is approved, transfer funds to your segregated Pepperstone account.

Daily Reporting

Get daily reports on how your investment is tracking and watch as our advanced trading algorithm grows your wealth.

Flexible Investing

Increase, withdraw or suspend your investment at regular intervals.

Want to find out what our FX strategy can do for you. Apply online now or set up a call for more information.